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I'm a writer whose curiosity takes me down many paths. My background as a professional chef gives my writing a unique flavor, especially when it comes to food (pun intended!). But my interests extend far beyond the kitchen.

I'm a local news enthusiast, always keeping my ear to the ground and my finger on the pulse of what's happening in my community. Political issues ignite my passion for creating thought-provoking pieces that encourage diverse perspectives and spark meaningful conversations.

Motivational self-help writing is another area where I thrive. By drawing on my own experiences, I craft inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles, setting and achieving goals, and embracing a fulfilling life.

My ranging skillset allows me to take on a wide range of topics, showcasing my versatility as a writer. Whether it's the world of gastronomy, the intricacies of politics, the journey of self-improvement, or anything in between, I'm dedicated to delivering engaging and enlightening content that informs and motivates my readers.

Look at my portfolio and discover the many faces of my writing!

A Concerned Citizen's Petition to Mandate Body Cams for ADOC Officers

It is no secret that the Alabama prison system desperately needs reform. In 2020, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against ADOC for unconstitutional conditions. The DOJ came and investigated the prisons only to confirm the alleged conditions were very bit as bad, if not worse, than had been reported.

Since the DOJ investigation, Alabama has yet to make progress toward making the prison system safer. Some may argue that prison conditions are worse now than before the DOJ lawsuit. Ultimately, the solution

Opinion: Ya'll Should Be Ashamed, Alabama Lawmakers Need to Get It Together | A. Nicole

Today, I heard some extremely disheartening news regarding a recent bill. It was a bill that made sense. It was a good idea that would have positively impacted several inmates' and their family's lives. If you haven't already caught on to which bill I'm referring to, it is what they've been calling the "second chance" bill. According to The Alabama Reflector, that bill needed more votes.

What was the "Second Chance" Bill Change?

The "second chance" bill, formerly known as HB29, introduced by R

Building a Following on Newsbreak Doesn’t Feel the Same as on Other Platforms

Building a Following on Newsbreak Doesn’t Feel the Same as on Other Platforms

However, I started questioning the true meaning of “followers” on this platform.

Despite having 16,000 followers, I doubted all of them were actively seeing my articles. There’s limited interaction — the only way for them to reach out is through my story email or comments, which feels insufficient for building a strong community.

This disconnect was disheartening. It felt like the initial accomplishment of gaining f

9 Things To Do In Cabo Bello: Complete Guide To This Hidden Gem In Mexico

Welcome to Cabo Bello, a gorgeous coastal town nestled on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. This beach, located just minutes from Cabo San Lucas, offers easy access for both locals and tourists alike. The private residential community of Cabo Bello provides convenient access to a small bay that protects the beach from the larger waves typically found at other gorgeous local beaches, making it a safer spot for swimming.

We Are Millions. Let There Be Billions. Join the Web3 Revolution | HackerNoon

Up until recently, a lot of technology has been widely abused in order to keep users pacified. This has been done despite a growing need for a re-evaluation of governance and construction processes. Technology has been frequently weaponized as a method of division against humanity. It has been used to spy on us, control us, and influence us. Turns out, technology can be used against us in every way possible. The media misleads us with false information. The entertainment industry distracts us.

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